147. Thomas Coopers IPA partial

1 x 1.7 kg can Thomas Coopers IPA
2 kg JW ale malt
8 g Cascade pellets, 7.8%AA @ 10 minutes
8 g Summer cones, 6.8%AA @ 10 minutes
1/2 tablet Whirlfloc (Irish Moss) @ 10 minutes
kit yeast

Mashed in with 76’C water, 2.5 L per kg, hit mash temp of 68’C. 67’C after 15 minutes. 66’C after 30 minutes (added heat). Back up to 67-68’C towards the end of the mash, around 50 minutes. Added 1.6 L boiling water to mash out, transferred grain bag to fresh pot with 5 L at 74’C for 30 minutes while original pot brought to boil. Raised grain bag and pegged above pot, added boiling contents of first pot. Brought to boil and added hops as scheduled.

Transferred boil pot to outside @ 10’C for 1 hour. Then put the kit can in the fermenter along with some cold water, strained the boil into the fermenter and topped up with cold. The resulting temp is probably somewhere in the 40’s so we’ll pitch the yeast tomorrow morning.

2017-07-13: Racked, bulk primed with 138 g sucrose. Bottled.

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