148. Thomas Coopers Pilsener partial

1.7 kg Thomas Coopers Pilsener can
1.75 kg JW Ale
250 g JW Cara
14 g Motueka (B-Saaz), 6.6%AA @ 20 mins
1/4 tablet whirlfloc (Irish Moss) @ 20 mins
Kit yeast (Coopers true lager)

Mashed in (in the 12 L pot) with 74’C water, initial mash temp 65’C. 64’C at 20 minutes (added a few minutes of heat). After a 60 minute mash, raised the grain bag and allowed to drain for a few minutes. Raised a second pot to 80’C and put the grain sack in there for 15 minutes or so. Then removed the grain bag, added the second runnings to the first, and brought to the boil. Added hops and Irish moss as scheduled, then allowed the pot to chill over the following few hours. Tipped into the fermenter with the contents of the kit can and topped up to 23 L. Pitched yeast.

2017-08-03: Racked, bulk primed with 140 g sucrose, bottled.

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