149. Amber Porter partial

1 can Thomas Coopers Amber Ale
820 g JW ale malt
150 g JW crystal
130 g Carafa Special I
85 g JW choc malt
500 g Breiss LDME
22 g East Kent Goldings, 4.6%AA @ 11 minutes
1/4 tablet whirlfloc (Irish Moss)
kit yeast

Mashed in with 3 L water at 74’C, hit 65’C after 10 minutes. Added heat to raise to 66’C. By end of 60 minute mash, temp was 61’C. Sparge twice with about 2 L water at 80’C. Boil volume 5.5 L. At flameout, put pot in a sink of cold water, added the kit can to the fermenter, then poured the wort on top through a sieve. Added LDME, and stirred to dissolve. Topped up to 23 L and pitched yeast immediately. Temp in the mid to high 20’s.

2017-08-31: Racked, bulk primed at 4g/L and bottled.

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