150. Tripel AG

Recipe: Evolution Tripel.

2.7 kg Wheat
2.7 kg JW Ale
200 g JW Cara
70 g JW crystal
55 g Vienna

40 g Hallertau Tradition, 6.4% AA @ 60 minutes
10 g Northern Brewer, 10.7% AA @ 60 minutes
40 g Tettnang, 3.3%AA @ 5 minutes

1/2 tab whilfloc (irish moss) @ 15 minutes
10 g coriander seed, ground @ 15 minutes
15 g toasted orange peel “red flesh navel”, from one orange @ 15 minutes

Danstar Abbaye Belgian ale yeast

Mashed around 65.5 for 2.5 hours. Lost a bit of the first runnings (maybe up to a litre) due to the fermenter tap being open. Batch sparged. Brought to boil, added bittering hops. Removed zest from orange using a potato peeler, toasted under the grill. No chill overnight. Next morning, syphon into fermenter (straining out solids), OG 1.056 @ 20 L. Pitch yeast.

2017-10-04: Racked onto 1 kg Murray River Orange Blossom honey. Honey and 1 L water brought to 90’C in a pot with lid, then allowed to cool back to 60’C over a couple of hours. Post-rack volume 21.5 L.

2017-10-19: Racked and bulk primed with 5g/L. Bottled.

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