Evolution Tripel

RateBeer’s Evolution Ale By FrankA group effort by the homebrew forum that most closely resembles a Tripel with a substantial portion. Subtle spicing is proposed but optional and yeast choice and mash schedule are left to the brewer. Please direct all questions to the homebrew forum.
All grain version:6 lbs Wheat
6 lbs Pils
8 oz 10L crystal
4 oz caravienne
1.5 lb light honey (added to secondary) For an extract version, substitute 7.5 lbs wheat DME in for the wheat and pils malt and steep other grains at 158 F for thirty minutes before boiling. 2 oz Hallertauer (60 min) (3 oz for partial boils)
1 oz Tettnager (5 min)
Suggested spicing: .5 oz coriander
.5 oz bitter orange peel
5 cardamom pods
Belgian ale yeast

Mash boil and chill using your usual routine, aerate well, pitch a large starter of your chosen yeast. Ferment in primary for one week or until vigorous fermentation is complete before transfering to secondary. Dissolve honey in a small amount of water, heat to one hundred forty degrees and hold twenty minutes to pasteurize. When cool, add to secondary. Keep beer in secondary at least until honey is fully fermented but preferably longer. Bottle or keg as per your usual system.
From: http://www.ratebeer.com/Recipe.asp?RecipeID=153

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