151. Black Rock Nut Brown Ale Partial

1 Black Rock Nut Brown Ale kit
1.6 kg JW Ale malt
160 g JW crystal malt
1/3 tab whirlfloc (irish moss) @ 15 mins
10 g Summer Hops, 6.8%AA @ 10 mins
kit yeast

Normal “brewing in a bag” partial mash method. Chilled in sink of cold water with freezer blocks. Strained wort into fermenter, added kit can, topped up to 23 L with cold water and pitched yeast.

2017-10-28: Pasteurised 500 g Cat Chen’s mum’s honey at 95’C. Allowed to cool over several hours, then pitched directly into the primary.

Took too long to bottle, and the weather was hot, and this one developed an acetobacter infection.

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