Yardie’s 21 Red

recipe here3000g light whole grain
500g crystal
300g carapils
150g cracked wheat
500ml honey
300g dextrose
1500g pale LME

30gm tettnanger 60min
10gm cascade 20min
10gm cascade 1min

mash 8lt @ 66* for 60min
batch sparge @ 70* – Mini Mash sparge water for 10min

Boil 60min
hop additions as above
honey – dextrose – LME @ 15min
60min flame out

chill wort in sink of ice slurry until @ 25* – 30*
make up to 22lt volume with chilled/filtered and stir well
pitch 23gm W34/70 Lager Yeast(or your choice)

Primary ferment @ 11* for 14 days
Secondary @ 5* for 7 days. No hop additions, although some cascade would be nice.

Bulk Prime @ 8gmlt.

See http://holygrailbeerblog.blogspot.com/ for pics

Thanks Yardie, awesome drop!

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