157. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale AG

Based on: https://helms-deep.net/~rwh/blog/beer/?p=65

5kg ale malt
650g medium crystal
21g Chinook 13.2%AA @ 60 mins, 18 IBU
18g Amarillo, 8.3%AA @ 30 mins
28g Cascade, 6.9%AA @ 10 mins
54g cascade, 6.9%AA @ flameout

Mashed in with 75’C water -> 68’C @ 5 mins into mash. 66’C at 40 mins mash. Strike water temp 80’C @ 50 mins into mash. Batch sparge, 26L.

Boil in three pots, hopped as scheduled.

No-chill over night, then pitched onto yeast cake from brew 156.

2019-01-22: racked, bulk primed with 100g sucrose, bottled.

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