158. Quoll London Brown – 2020-02-09

5 kg JW Ale Malt

1 kg JW Wheat Malt
700 g JW Crystal
500 g JW Dark Crystal
400 g JW Victory
350 g Pale Choc
250 g Carafa II

125 g Rice Hulls

8.2kg Total (Target 42L)

55g East Kent Goldings @ 60 mins (19 IBU)

** Mash **
Mashed in Brewzilla
Mash at 68oC for 60mins.
Mashout by increasing temp to 77oC

5g Calcium Chloride in mash water

Sparged with L at 77oC

Boil gravity 9.0 Brix

Added 1 tsp Yeast Nutrient to the boil @ 5 mins
half tab Irish Moss @ 5 mins

Post boil 10.2 Brix (1.040)

Post boil volume of 27L (in fermenter)
Filled 17L cube

44L total

72% efficiency

2020-03-11: tipped 17L cube into fermeter, pitched yeast.
2020-03-24: bulk primed with 100g sucrose, bottled.

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