melbourneman’s cider
i made my cider with this recipe. it is great and tastes just like strongbow and it has some kick at 7.5%?

1 can Black Rock cider
500g lactose
1.5kg white sugar
1.5kg, 12 granny smith apples cored, peeled, chopped and put in a stocking
4L apple juice no preservatives, no vitamin C (club brand apple juice)
Kit yeast

I might try:
1 can Black Rock cider
500g lactose
500g dextrose
500g LDME
4L apple juice
1.5kg grannys, chopped

boil dry ingredients, flamout, add fruit, then to fermenter, add cold, pitch yeast.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Will this produce a clear cider? or how can i clear this cider up?

    kind regards

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