163. Annie’s Chocolate Porter AG

Ingredients for 23L

3.2 kg JW Ale malt
1.2 kg JW crystal malt
1.2 kg JW wheat malt
0.18 kg JW choc malt
0.12 kg JW black malt
100 mL (4 tbsp) cocoa powder @ 60 minutes
44 g Williamette hops 7.1%AA @ 60 minutes: 7 HBU
18 g Williamette hops @ 15 minutes: 3 HBU
1/2 tablet Whirlfloc (Irish moss) @ 15 minutes
18 g Williamette hops @ flameout
Safale S-04 yeast

Using a protein-developing step mash, add 9 L of 54 C water to the crushed malt. Stabilize at 50 C and hold for 30 minutes. Then add 10 L of boiling water plus a decoction of 4L. Stabilize at 68-69 C and hold for 60 minutes. Add heat and mash out to 74 C.

Sparge with about 14-16 L 77 C water. Add more water (do not oversparge) to brewpot to make an initial extract volume 28 L. Anticipate evaporation of about 3 L.

No chill overnight and pitch onto yeast cake from brew 162 (Safale S-04)

2021-06-01: Bulk primed with 100g sucrose and bottled.

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