165. Rainwater Porter AG

65% ale malt
19% vienna
7% medium crystal
6% light choc
4% dark choc
rain water
Fuggles hops, 4.4%AA
EK Goldings, 5%AA

17g fuggles @ 60 minutes, 4%AA, 10 IBU
17g fuggles @ 20 minutes, 4%AA, 6 IBU
17g fuggles @ 5 minutes, 4%AA, 2 IBU
17g EKG @ 60 minutes, 4%AA, 12 IBU
17g EKG @ 20 minutes, 4%AA, 7 IBU
17g EKG @ 5 minutes, 4%AA, 2 IBU
39 IBU

Testing out the new local home brew shop. This is their porter kit (basically contains just the grain from above).

Used rain water this time, as the shot roof gutters mean I have tonnes of water in buckets to use, and this way there’s no chlorine. Standard mash and boil. No chill. Pitched on to yeast cake from 164 (US-05).

2022-08-01: Racked and bulk primed with 100g sucrose, bottled.

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