Hoegaarden Whit

NTrabbitCoopers Brewmaster Selection Wheat
Coopers Wheat Liquid Malt Extract 1.5kg
Torrefied Wheat 1kg
Still Spirits Top Shelf Triple Sec Essence 25ml
Ground Coriander Seed 15g
Tettnanger Hop Bag 12g
Recultured Hoegaarden White yeast

Put the Torrefied Wheat (thats 4x 250g boxes of puffed wheat breakfast cereal from your local supermarket) in a grain bag and steep in as much water as you can fit (torrefied wheat is light and very bulky) for 30 minutes.

Remove the grain bag, strain the liquid back into the pot. Add the concentrate, coriander and liquid malt, boil for 1 hour then allow to cool. Strain the wort into the fermenter, fill to 23L and add the Triple Sec essence.

Steep the hop bag for 10 minutes per its instructions and add it to the wort.

Add the recultured yeast starter when its cooled to a good temperature.

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