Coopers Pale Ale AE


Which is: 95% pale malt, 1% crystal malt, 4% wheat malt. Next we use the brewcraft calculator to find out how much malt to use to achieve the 4.5% alc/vol.

I come up with:

1 1.5kg tin of Coopers Liquid Light Malt Extract
1kg Light dry malt extract
85g Dry wheat malt extract
40g crystal malt, steeped

As for the hopping schedule, have a look at the Hops FAQ. To balance the malt, we need an IBU of 16. Coopers is famous for using only Pride of Ringwood, so we do an IBU calcuation based on that. I think the pale is double hopped, but I’m going to do a triple hop schedule (just for fun) using the Rooftop Brew IBU calculator. Assuming an AA% of 11% for the POR:

Addtion | weight(oz) | AA% | minutes | IBU
Hop Addition 1 | 0.21 | 11 | 60 | 8.6
Hop Addition 2 | 0.21 | 11 | 20 | 5.5
Hop Addition 3 | 0.21 | 11 | 5 | 1.7

Total IBU: 15.8

Note that 0.21 oz is 6 grams.

Make it up to 23L. As for the yeast, I’d either reculture some from a Coopers pale ale bottle (search for how to do this) or just use a Coopers dry yeast sachet.

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