Hoges Porter


The almost internationally renowned Hoges has out done himself this time.  The original recipe called for 250g of black malt grain but a bit of tweaking the recipe tamed the original acrid flavours, turning it into a great beer that’s hop content really shows through.  A top drop that having one is nowhere near enough.

  • 3Kg light dried malt
  • 500g crystal malt grain (60ebc)
  • 350g chocolate malt grain
  • 150g black malt
  • 50g carafa special 3
  • 25g Kent Goldings cones
  • 25g Goldings hop pellets
  • 50g Fuggles hop pellets

METHOD:- Steep the crystal grain, chocolate grain and the carafa 3 in 2L of water at 68ºC for 1 hour, trying to keep the mix within a couple of degrees of this temp, then sparge (rinse) the grains with 3-4L of hot water.  At the same time as the other grains are resting steep the black grain in 2L of cold water (to avoid a really acrid taste).  Place the grain juices in a pot with 10L of water, the light dried malt and the Kent Goldings cones and gently boil for 1 hour.  Add the Goldings comes at the 15 min mark of the boil, 25g of the Fuggles pellets at the 45 min mark and the rest of the Fuggles at the end of the boil, when the heat has been removed.  After 5 mins strain the wort into a fermenter and cool, as quickly as possible, to fermentation temp.  Allow to ferment for 7 days, then rack to a secondary fermenter and allow to stand for a further 7 days.  Bottle and allow to mature for at least 1-2 months before sampling.

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