79. Single decoction munich dunkel

4.2kg JW Pils
1.8kg JW Light Munich
260g JW Amber
100g Wayermann CaraAroma
100g Carafa Special I
14g Perle @ 60 minutes
14g Hallertau Hersbrucker 3.1%AA 40 minutes
15g Hallertau Hersbrucker 3.1%AA 1 minute
Yeast WYeast 2308 – Munich Lager
Volume 23L

Single decoction mash. Mashin at 64C for 20 minutes. Take out 30% of grains and boil for 10 minutes. return back mash tun and hold at 72C for 20 minutes. Sparge at 77 C

In practice, this held at mashout temps for long enough for the Monteiths Black to finish its boil.  So probably something like: mashin for 20.  Decoct, bring decoction to boil, boil for 10, return.  After 20 minutes, add boiling water to bring up to mashout, then leave for around 45 minutes before doing the sparge.

Added the second half of the Munich lager starter, pitched warm again.  Brew at 12°C.

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