23. Rob’s light 2

Brewed on: 2/12/06
Bottled on: 18/12/06Ingredients:

  • 1.5kg tin light liquid malt extract
  • 100g Carapils, cracked, steeped
  • 250 g Crystal Malt, cracked, steeped
  • 15g Golden Cluster hop pellets @ 45 minutes
  • 15g Hersbrucker hop pellets plus 10g cracked corriander seeds @ 15 minutes
  • 15g Hersbrucker hop pellets plus 10g cracked corriander seeds @ flameout
  • Saflager S-23 yeast (some clone actually, 15g sachet)

To 2L water, added the crystal, kept at 70° for 15 minutes, strained, squeezed, sparged. Brought to light boil, added hops and corriander as directed. Added tin of malt extract. Added to fermenter that had 15L cold water in it, topped up to 23L. Pitched yeast, put in kettle half filled with water, and draped a teatowel over it so that it will constantly suck up more water and cool the fermenter by evaporation. Then went on hike for 8 days, so I don’t know what temp it fermented at. I think I’ll leave it in primary for a few more days, then bottle, say next weekend.This one is supposed to be for Christmas. I’m running out of time, hence the extended primary ferment in the hope of speeding the conditioning. I think all the grain will mean that it’ll still be a bit shoddy that young. I’ll probably take the remainder of brew number 9, along with this one, and hope that we don’t get all the way through the number 9.

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