28. Wassa’s Honey Porter

Brewed on: 14/1/07
Racked on: 18/1/07
Kegged on: 24/1/07White skin present again. Will thoroughly disinfect this fermenter before use again. This time, the infection affected the body, making it more transparent than ususal, also more bitter, due to the loss of malt-sweetness and body. Good thing I had the LAN so that I could get rid of the lot :). Fermenter has been completely sterilised by soaking in bleach solution for a week, with all rubber seals removed and soaked also.Cascade Chocolate Mahoganny Porter
1kg DDME
500g White Clover Honey
17g Cascade @ about 2 minsThis one copped a bit of a heat-wave… 26-28°C throughout primary (hence the short primary). Secondary should be a little lower.

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