128. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale AG BIB

5kg JW Ale
700g JW Crystal
36g NZ Cascade cones & 10g Chinook pellets FWH
10g Chinook pellets @ 30 mins
20g NZ Cascade cones @ 10 mins
28g NZ Cascade cones @ flameout
Safale US-05

This was a brew in a bag batch. Horrible, annoying process. No-chill over night. Post boil volume: 20.5L at 1.056. Topped up to 24L for a calculated OG of 1.048, pitched yeast on 2014-03-01.

2014-03-09 Racked and dry hopped with 30g of Summer pellets in a stocking
2014-03-10 Racked, bulk primed, bottled.

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