129. Coopers English Bitter

1 Coopers English Bitter kit
1kg LDME
145g JW medium crystal malt
14g Summer hops 5.3%AA @ 10 minutes
14g EKG hops 4.6%AA @ 10 minutes
kit yeast

Steeped crystal malt in 2.5L water. Boiled another 2.5L water in another pot, added malt liquor to the boil with 400g LDME, then added hops after it had returned to boil. Added remaining 600g LDME to the boil at flameout, stirred to dissolve. Dissolved the kit in some water in the fermenter, added the wort from the boil, topped up to 23L. Temp came out to 32 degrees, pitched yeast immediately. Temp had fallen to 22 degrees by next morning, ferment well under way.

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