143. Tom’s Cascade Manuka Ale AG

2.5kg JW Ale
0.5kg Manuka smoked
.75kg Amber malt
.25kg Medium crystal

20g Northern Brewer @ FWH
10 g chinook 13.3%AA @ 30 mins, 16 IBU
54 g Tom’s Cascade ??%AA @ 10 mins
1/2 tablet of whirlfloc (Irish moss) @ 10 mins

Safale US-05

Mash in with 10L @ 77°C, mash temp 67.5°C. 2 hour mash, then batch sparge with about 20L, boil volume 25L. Left overnight to no-chill, then through the following day as it wasn’t cool enough in the morning. Final volume 22.5L, topped up to 23L.

2017-02-02: Half kegged, half bottled. The bottles were bulk primed at 6g/L sucrose.

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