153. Thomas Coopers black IPA partial

1 can Thomas Coopers IPA
2 kg JW Ale
150 g JW Crystal
100 g JW Choc
2 g Calcium Chloride added to mash water
10 g Cascade hops 7.8%AA @ 10 mins
10 g Summer hops 6.8%AA @ 10 mins
1/4 tablet Whirlfloc (Irish Moss) @ 10 mins

Mashed in with 76’C water. Mash temp 67.7. 45 minute mash, transferred bag to second pot with 76’C water. 15 minutes later, transferred “second runnings” into first pot, brought to boil, added hops and whirlfloc. Post boil, cooled in-pot on the balcony for an hour or so, then chilled in a sink of cold water (twice). Added kit to the fermenter with 1 L hot water, stirred to dissolve. Topped up with about 10 L cold water. Added the chilled boil liquor, pitched yeast.

2017-12-21: racked, bulk primed with 80g sucrose, bottled.

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