Oliver’s 35 Black Rock Cider

Started 1.6.01 Bottled 14.6.011 can Black Rock Cider 1kg glucose 125g lactose 3 Granny Smith apples OG 1049 FG 1013 ALC/VOL 5.1%

BREWING NOTES Mixed the cider concentrate, glucose and lactose with two litres of boiling water in fermenter. Topped up to 18 litres, as per instructions from the homebrew shop. Lactose added to give a slightly sweet edge to what is otherwise a very, very dry cider. She also suggested adding fresh apples to give a more “apply” taste. So I cored and peeled the apples, put them in one leg of a stocking to stop them clogging the tap when they turn to mush and added to fermenter.

TASTING NOTES A tasting during bottling suggested that this will be an absolute winner. The girlfriend should be happy! Early on this was very tasty and tasting just like a bought one! 27.03.03: This was (there are none left) a fine cider. Great golden color. The lactose was a must. See Brew 39 for an adaptation on the theme.

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