109. Midas Touch AG

Time for some beer archaeology! From BYO magazine recipe.

From recipe: 19 litres, all grain; OG = 1.078 FG = 1.010; IBUs = 10; ABV = 9.0%

2.7 kgs two-row pale malt
1.36 kgs honey: 500g tilleul du vexin (lime, from vexin, France), 450g Cotswold (mostly oilseed rape, small amounts of apple, dandelion, sycamore), 340g Fosseway (mixed, from area bordered by Stow on the Wold, Evesham, Leamington Spa and Banbury).
1.5 L Pinot Blanc grape concentrate (claims 1.5L makes 4.5L wine).
0.5 teaspoon dry saffron (boil 15 minutes)
Willamette hops (bittering hop) (13g @ 4.5% alpha acid) 7.4 IBU
Willamette hops (flavor hop) (13g @ 4.5% alpha acid) 3.7 IBU
Safale s-04

Step by step:

Mash your grains at 68.3º C for 45 minutes.

6L @83 -> mash temp hit 68.

12L Boil, start 12:45. Added bittering hops for full boil. Added flavour hops and saffron with 15 to go. Added honey at flamout. Grape concentrate and water added to fermenter, and the wort was strained into this. Topped up to 20L, allowed to cool before pitching yeast.

Bulk primed with 80g sucrose and bottled on 10/7/2011.

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