TempMate HOWTO

I just got a query based on my earlier FridgeMate HOWTO.  Adam asks how to wire up one of these TempMates from CraftBrewer, so I worked up a wiring diagram based on that from the FridgeMate.  If you have any questions about wiring this up, refer the the FridgeMate howto first, as chances are you question will be answered there.

To be honest, I’m a bit surprised that they’re selling these things without an adequate wiring diagram, there’s definite potential for someone to kill themselves with this stuff.

Usual warnings apply, I’m not responsible if you kill yourself or burn your house down or anything, I’m just trying to help, and I’m not an electrician.

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  1. brett says:

    Hi. You’ve shown it wired for a fridge. Can you show how you’d wire it if it has a heater connected at the same time?

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